How ihireBIZ will help grow your business?

Connect you to thousands of transporters.

Hire or rent out a vehicle 24*7 across India

Easy and hassle free dealing with other transporters

Hiring and renting out a vehicle is now simple.

Step 1: Register your business with ihireBIZ.

Register your business for free and complete your business profile. Get free training on how to start and do your business online. Our ihireBIZ advisor and the ihireBIZ support team will help you at every step of the way till you are fully comfortable doing business on the ihireBIZ portal.

Step 2: Post your requirement for hiring or renting out a vehicle across India.

Once you are registered, you can post your requirement - whether your need a vehicle or want to rent out a vehicle. You post will be seen by the thousands of other transporters on ihireBIZ portal.

Step 3: Start getting bids on your post from interested transporters.

When your requirement is posted interested transporters will start bidding on the post. You can accept any bid and close the process.

Step 4: Hassle free dealing between the transporters.

After you have accepted a bid, you will receive all the information about the transporter who had made the winning bid. Similarly that transporter will receive your details. You both will thus be able to establish direct contact with each other and discuss all details of the transaction including the payment terms.


1. What is ihireBIZ?

ihireBIZ is a tech enabled portal where the operators of all types of cars and buses can do business amongst themselves. ihireBIZ provides a platform for demand and supply to meet and thus reduce the downtime of your vehicle or makes sure that your requirement does not go unfulfilled.

2. Why should I choose ihireBIZ?

The transporters have been using other means to do business amongst themselves - eitherby phone calling up other fleet operators within their circle or byputting a message on their Whatsapp group. But these methods have limited reach.

ihireBIZ broadens your horizon. It increases your reach as your enquiry on this platform reaches multiple transporters at once. It is the first of its kind online portal in India which connects the transporters.

Here you can hire or rent out a vehicle from all over India. By registering on ihireBiz you become part of the community of thousands of transporters on the portal

3. Who can hire and rent out a vehicle on ihireBIZ?

Only transporters are eligible to publish their post for needing a vehicle or for renting out there vehicle. This is a B2B platform for transactions between transporters.

But you need to register yourself first on the ihireBIZ! It is easy.

4. Is there a fee for registration on ihireBIZ?

Registration on ihireBIZ is absolutely free. In fact presently to encourage transporters to register on ihireBIZwe will provide you a credit of 500 i-points in your wallet on the portal.

6. How do I register myself on ihireBIZ?

Steps to register on ihireBIZ.com

  • Go to www.ihirebiz.com
  • Create your account.
  • Complete your business profile.
  • Login again to go to your dashboard
7. What is the ihireBIZ id. ?

Once you have successfully registered on ihireBIZ you will be allotted a unique user id. You will be transacting on the portal under this id. i.e. no one will know your identity till such time a transaction is closed on the portal. The user id. Will be IHXXXXX.

8. What are the documents required for registering?
  • i) Pan Card (mandatory)
  • ii) GST No. (optional)
  • iii) Aaddhaar Card (optional)

Just note the following main parts of the portal to do transactions on ihireBIZ.

1. The ihireBIZ dashboard.

The ihireBIZ landing page - the dashboard - will give you all the open listings that are on the portal. Open listings are listings where one can participate depending on if it meets your requirement. When you refresh the page it will show the fresh listings - listing which have been added by the ihireBIZ members since the last refresh.

From the home page you can go to the panel for Need A Vehicle or to the panel for Rent out a Vehicle depending on the nature of your transaction.

2. Listing
  • i) What is a listing?
    A listing is a post put up by an ihireBIZ member on his page. It then shows to all others members on the ihireBIZ portal.
  • ii) What are the types of listing?

The two types of listings on the portal is: 1) Need a vehicle 2) Rent out a vehicle.

From the dashboard you can go to the specific page.

Need a Vehicle - here you will see the open listings of those who NEED A VEHICLE. Using the filters on the top of the page you can narrow down your search.

Suppose you have Innova to rent out. You will look at the open listings on NEED A VEHICLE page and see which one's requirement matches yours.

Rent Out A Vehicle - here you will see the open listings of those who want to Rent out their vehicle. Using the filters on the top of the page you can narrow down you search.

Suppose you need a Swift Dzire for full day for travel within Delhi. You will look at the open listings on the RENT Out A Vehicle page and see which one meets your requirement.

Each transporter has his own panel called the user panel. It is located on the left hand margin of the portal page.

It has the following menu:

a) Mail - the notification that you receive fromihireBIZ will be kept in the Inbox. Your messages to ihireBIZ sent from the portal (go to Contact us section) will be stored in the Outbox for your record.

b) Need A vehicle - here there are two sub menus i) Add post b) View posts

In Add Post page you can put up a post when you Need a Vehicle. Fill up the fields on the page and submit your post. It will appear on the ihireBIZ dashboard and be viewable to all users.

In View Posts - this gives the panel of all the listings that you have done on the portal. These include open, closed, expired, and withdrawn listings. The top of the panel has filters to narrow down your search.

c) Rent out a vehicle - here too there are two sub menus i) Add post b) View posts

In Add Post page you can put up a post when you want to Rent out a Vehicle. Fill up the fields on the page and submit your post. It will appear on the ihireBIZ dashboard and be viewable to all users.

In View Posts - this gives the panel of all the listings that you have done on the portal. These include open, closed, expired, and withdrawn listings. The top of the panel has filters to narrow down your search.

Some relevant questions on posts.

3. How many posts I can put up on the ihireBIZ?

You can put up any number of posts on ihireBIZ? No limit. And in both categories - Need a Vehicle or Rent out a Vehicle - at the same time.

It will cost you nothing to put up a post.

4. Can I edit my post?

You can but before a bid has been made on it.

5. What if I still want to edit?

You can but you will have to withdraw the first post and then put up a fresh post.

6. What if I withdraw a post?

You can but it will cost you i-points - presently 25.

7. When does the post expire?

The expiry time of the post will be given and on the bidding page a backward clock will show the time remaining for expiry of the post.

8. Will it cost me something?

Yes it will if someone has put a bid on it and you do not accept. Currently the cost of expiry is 25 i-points.

9. When will a post have a CLOSED status?

When you accept a bid on your post the post will close and no further bidding will be possible on that post.

d) My Account

The following is the menu under My Account:

  • i) My Profile - this page will show the profile you entered at the time of registering on ihireBIZ. You can edit your profile anytime except the Company Name, Registered email and Registered mobile number.
  • ii) Change password - you can change your password anytime on this page.
  • iii) My Wallet - this gives the inflow and outflow of the i-points (the unit of transaction on the ihireBIZ portal in your account).
  • iv) Transaction History - this gives the history of all the transactions that you have done on ihireBIZ portal i.e. the posts you have put up, the bids you have made etc.
The top right corner

In addition to all the information on the User panel the top right corner gives you alerts on the notifications for you, your wallet balance.

10. What are i-points?

i-point is a non-monetary unit needed for making transactions on the ihireBIZ portal.

1 i-point = 1 Rupee.

You can purchase the i-points online on the portal and they will be credited to your wallet.

Minimum purchase size is 500 i-points. You can purchase more but in multiples of 100.

The balance i-points in your wallet at any time will be displayed. The minimum balance in your wallet should be 100 i-points.When the balance goes below 100 a notification will be sent to you. It is time to add some more i-points.

When you put up a post or make a bid or accept a bid on your post suitable i-points will be deducted from your wallet.

11. What are the ihireBIZ i-points deduction rules?

The i-points deduction rules presently applicable are:

  1. Putting up a Post - whether Need a Vehicle or Rent out a Vehicle - will be free of charge.
  2. First bid by a user on a post will be charged 10 i-points and every subsequent bid on the same post will be 2 i-points.
  3. Once the poster (the user putting up the post) accepts a bid (and the status on the post changes to CLOSED) the user posting will pay a fee of 5 % of the winning bid with a minimum fee of Rs 50 and maximum Rs 1000 on a post.
  4. Withdrawing a post or allowing it to expire will cost the user posting that post 25 i-points.
  5. Minimum balance of 100 i-points should be in the wallet of the user for putting up a post or bidding on a post.
  6. If a user withdraws his bid then he will lose all the i-points that were used by him for the bidding on that post.
  7. To promote ihireBIZ we will be putting 500 free i-points in the wallet of the user on his registering on the portal. This offer is only for the initial period.

The bidding process is very important part of the ihireBIZ.

12. Can I bid on any post listed on ihireBIZ?

Yes you can technically. But you of course would be bidding on those posts which are of interest to you and which meet your requirements.

13. How much it costs to bid?

As per present structure 10 i-points for your first bid and i-points 2 each for every subsequent bid that you make on the post.

14. How long can I bid on a post?

As long as the post status is OPEN. Once it is closed the portal will not permit any further bid.

15. How will I know what to bid?

The post will show the top 5 bids. Bid basis that if you want. If your bid is amongst the top 5 it will show on that. Only one bid (the best one) of user will be shown in the top 5.

16. What if I wish to withdraw my bid?

Yes you can but before it is accepted.

17. What happens when I withdraw my bid?

Once you get to withdraw your bid from a post you no longer can bid any further on the same post. Further all the i-points you had used to make the bid or bids on that post will stand deducted.

18. How much balance I must have to enter a bid on the post?

You must have a balance of 100 points in your wallet to start bidding.

19. Bidding is on what?

Bidding is only on the base fare given on the post. All other additional charges it is assumed are accepted by you before you start bidding.

20. Can I bid lower than the minimum fare given on the post?

Yes you can.

21. Can I bid higher than the maximum fare given on the post?

Yes you can.

22. What happens if the poster withdraws the post while the bidding is under process?

You i-points deducted will be credited back to your wallet.

23. Will the identity of the user be known on the bid?

No it will not. As his ihireBIZ id. is only given against his bid.

24. Can a user bid on his own post?

No he cannot.

25. When is the bidding process closed?

When the poster accepts a bid during the permissible bidding time.

26. What happens after the bid is closed?

Both the poster and the winning bidder gets the details of each other. You contact each other and close the transaction finalizing all details including payment mode.